Enneagram Gift Guide

It's so fun to be known and loved, right!? The crazy thing is that we tend to love others the way WE want to be loved. When we learn to love others in the way THEY feel love, we'll watch our relationships strength and transform right before our sweet eyes!

I've gathered ideas from my social media communities on what gifts their type would love, and I've organized them here to give you an easy and helpful way to knock it outta the ballpark for the people you love most! This is just a starting point! Well, quit reading here, and get to it! ūüôā

Enneagram Gifts

Go for a handcrafted, stunning earring statement piece or in a delicate, light necklace to rep your type while still feeling beautiful. Pick up an affirming and kind one-of-a-kind card or prints to share with your favorite people, or a classic mug for all the yummy beverages! Dig in deep to all things Enneagram, growth, healing, and transformation with my favorite Enneagram book of all time!

Type 1: Moral Perfectionist

1s are constantly aware of all the tasks that need done. Ask them what you can take off their plate, so they can relax sooner. Vacations are magical for Type 1s! Get them to a beach with a tequila sunrise in hand, or some other place you already know they love. You’ll see a lighter, freer version of them arise when they get away from “all the responsibilities.” What money can buy:¬†a guided journal that inspires simplicity, organization and is full of grace!¬†Consider gifting quality organizational or¬†office supplies¬†you know they’ll like (as in, find something they already love and purchase that again!). New tools for practical, more efficient, yet fun cleaning (hello,¬†ScrubDaddy¬† can be a touch of joy as they’re cleaning! Consider a daily calendar or devotional that represents values they love and believe in. A¬†yoga mat¬†or a¬†sweater or accessory¬†that is connected with a social cause they believe in is also a great route!

Type 2: Supportive Helper

2s loveee their people, so whatever you gift them, they’d usually prefer to do it together! Plan a trip to visit them for a weekend, schedule a mani/pedi trip together or bake and hand-deliver a yummy treat you know they love!¬†¬†Ask and¬†encourage them to tell you directly and specifically what they desire; then add a touch of thoughtfulness, and you’ll hit the gift-giving jackpot.¬†What money can buy:¬† beautiful stationary¬†set they can use to write notes to their people this year (bonus: if you give them a¬†handwritten note about how much they mean to you!), a May Designs monogrammed tote for makeup, pens, or other things, things to cozy up their home¬†and welcome new guests that you know fit with the vibe they already have. Gift a¬†feminine necklace¬†for the moms with their kiddos’ initials on them, or a bath scrub kit for self-nurturance.¬†Consider a guided journal to help them get in touch with their own feelings, a book that will help them grow in healthy boundaries or a practical gift you’ve noticed would be helpful for them. It’s all about the thoughtfulness with 2s!¬†

Type 3: Successful Achiever

3s long for lots and lots of affirmations! A simple but intentional comment of recognition or appreciation means the world to 3s. Cheer them on, remind them you believe in them and be sure they know how proud you are of them. Love them well, not just by acknowledging their accomplishments but also by affirming and celebrating their character.¬†What money can buy:¬†a super nice¬†coffee machine¬†¬†hat can pump out coffee as fast as they consume it! A¬†sweet new set of kicks or a cool jacket may be up their alley too, especially if you have a good sense of their style or they’ve mentioned specifically what they’ve been wanting. Think about their latest goals and gift them things to help them be more successful – a¬†water bottle with hourly goals, a cool set a basketball shorts, a FitBit for fitness goals or a set of¬†AirPod headphones¬†to get their hype music going as they’re accomplishing all the things! Grab ’em a felt board, mug or a¬†daily calendar¬†full of fun and light motivation to keep them inspired with positivity and remind them they are the boss babe and solid leader they desire to be! A coffee subscription is another huge win! Drop some wisdom by gifting a book by some of the top leaders and achievers in our world – Oprah,¬†Brene Brown¬† Simon Sinek, Andy Stanley, Barack or Michelle Obama, Abby Wambach, Bryan Stevenson, Patrick Lencioni, Don Miller, etc.!

Type 4: Romantic Individualist

Memories! 4s are nostalgic folks who love thoughtful, sentimental gifts! Consider creating a memory book of your favorite times together, taking them to a place you two have been before that holds special memories or simply reflect and retell a story of your favorite past time with them.¬†Consider gifting them a¬†spot in a local class or book club you know they’d be into!¬†What money can buy:¬†an actual¬†scrapbook¬†full of photos of y’all! Feel free to buy it if crafting just ain’t your thing, but if you can figure out how to weave or tie papers together and hand-make it all with a loving touch, your 4 will have a happy and full heart! Also, consider how they like to express themselves, and consider getting them something to contribute to that interest – maybe a beautiful new teapot, a new ukulele,¬†sketchbook, a new camera¬†lens or prop or watercolor paints, reminding them you see what they love and believe it’s special enough to invest in. Get them a class from Masterclass, like the one below: Alicia Keys teaching songwriting and producing. Help them explore their family ancestors and where they came from with a 23andMe Kit.¬†Swing in a local antique shop or craft market to find an original, handmade, one-of-a-kind piece, like this macrame piece by a personal friend of mine, Harper and Strings. the Also, the far left option is a Kickstarter for an incredible artist, Kyra, who¬†painted each Enneagram type¬†with layers of meaning and depth. Definitely check that out for your 4!

Type 5: Investigative Thinker

5s love to learn, explore and be curious. You give a gift to them every time you connect and talk about topics that matter to them or explore areas they’re fascinated by. Another important gift for the 5s in your life: alone time. Their quiet mind is a safe place for them, and they love to spend time with “me, myself and I”. Let them soak in a nice, quiet bath, get lost in a book for a few hours or catch their favorite show on Discovery channel with little to no interruptions.¬†What money can buy:¬†Speaking of baths, gift them a¬†set of bath bombs¬†¬†hat say “I see you. You can feel supported by these when you need it.” Keep your eye out for local or online classes, books or even podcasts on the topics that you know they specialize in. Gift them a cool¬†bookshelf¬†(or bookshelves!) to house all the books that mean so much to them or go another route with a¬†Kindle¬† if they’re more tech-y. If your Type 5 loves sipping on tea, hook them up with some fun, quirky¬†tea infusers¬†for their looseleaf variety. Fives tend to spend a lot of time in private spaces, and they could use a little extra life in them, so grab them a simple¬†aloe plant. It doesn’t need much attention and has a practical use if they ever need it!

Type 6: Loyal Guardian

Take care of something for the 6s in your life. They feel constantly aware of all the things that need to get done. Doing your share (and sometimes a bonus chore) is a huge way to say, “I see you, I love you, I’m here for you!” Plan a thoroughly thought out trip or spa day, and take your 6 along! If all the details are taken care of, they’ll truly get to rest and relax, which is the ultimate gift for their ever-racing minds!¬†Take them out for a fun experience they’ve told you before they love – a baseball game, a night at the local theater or swing down the street to their favorite ice cream shop.¬†¬†Just being together with “their people” is a gift!¬†What money can buy:¬†All things calm and relaxing – a¬†weighted blanket, candles, ¬†peaceful essential oils with a¬†diffuser¬†or an adult coloring book, word search or sudoku book. 6s love being in groups and community, so¬†board games¬†are generally right up their alley. Gift them one that is super fun and will bring lots of laughs or go for a strategic one! Consider a¬†motivational journal¬† devotional or book of affirmations to help your 6 work on staying grounded and in touch with and trusting themselves, or a beautiful travel mug with a sweet, unifying saying on it. Also, a¬†bag with lots of pockets¬†for all the extra, just-in-case things they need with them at all times.¬†Pay attention to what your Type 6 friend has been eyeballing, and grab that for them. They want it, but have likely talked themselves out of it ten times.¬†

Type 7: Entertaining Optimist

First thing to remember about 7s: the more exciting, the better! Experiences are what keeps the blood running in 7s’ veins. Take them somewhere new, buy them an experience (hello, Groupon!) or send them off on a loosely planned trip with their pals! ¬†What money can buy:¬†Crack them up and help them practice calm with a¬†funny adult coloring book.¬†The one below has animals drinking with cocktail recipes – what’s not to love, seriously!? A good gift for a 7 doesn’t have to be extravagant – gift them a variety pack of something they love! Try a pack of 10 different hot sauces, a mixed box of coffee flavors¬†or make something mundane (like socks) fun like the¬†pizza-box-socks¬†below!¬† Take the average, and make it fun. Fresh flowers are another goodie – they’re fresh, beautiful, smell great and won’t clutter their homes or collect dust! Other things to consider: a passport cover for all their adventures,¬†a ginormous, fun float¬†for all their people (with a built in cooler-whaaat!), an outrageous and edgy board game, an invitation to stillness through a good book (try Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist-a Type 7 herself!), a journal¬†to store all their grand ideas (can’t lose those bad boys!) and a box of confetti poppers that are at the ready for any needed occasion!

Type 8: Protective Challenger

Don’t try and be a hero with getting gifts for your 8. Just ask them-they’ll tell you what they want (if they haven’t already bought it for themselves!). Gift cards allow them to get what they want, but be sure to add in something thoughtful like a note sharing how you appreciate them. Avoid cheesy or junky gifts that aren’t practical, quality and have no thought. ¬†What money can buy:¬†A Spotify subscription to keep music and podcasts accessible on the go. A badass shirt¬†or hat, bag, phone case, or laptop sticker that captions their energy or a cause they believe in. What is your 8 into? Get them something to help them excel in whatever they’re pursuing. They want to work out more? Get them a new set of running shoes or a¬†bike cart¬†¬†to pull the kiddos in! Shoot for a bold, strong T-shirt or a¬†coffee mug¬†that screams a message they believe in or captures their strong energy. Snag a stress ball or¬†adult coloring book¬†that they can carry with them or leave in their office for the next time their coworker says something that makes them want to rip their hair out. Give the gift of a book that is just as blunt and brilliant as they are, or go head to head in a competitive game like¬†darts¬†– smack talk not included ūüėȬ†

Type 9: Peaceful Mediator

Channel all things peaceful and that bring people together in lighthearted, fun ways when thinking of your 9s. Take them somewhere to treat them to something relaxing – a facial, a pedicure (Yes, even for your male 9s- have you seen those toes!?) or a massage. Ask them if they have a preference of what they’d like or where they want to go, and if they say no (which is likely), then you make the decisions. Also, pay attention to what your Type 9 mentions they love and gift that. It’s a huge way your 9 will feel seen and cared for.¬†What money can buy:¬†What centers or brings joy to your 9? Fishing, reading, gardening, crafting, baking, playing music, gaming? Typically, 9s have a hobby that allows their mind to fully rest and just enjoy. Gift them something to further that hobby. Other things to consider: a¬†hammock¬†to help them savor the outdoors, new¬†bed sheets¬†or a cozy blanket (yessss, nothing says, “I love you” to a Type 9 more than providing a comfy space to rest or snuggle up with their favorite person), an¬†imaginative novel, movie or comic, ¬†or a¬†succulent plant¬†that connects them to the Earth but requires zero work. Also, 9s tend to have a few causes or movements they feel strongly about – usually relating to unity, kindness and acceptance. Find something (a shirt, perhaps) that aligns with their heart in that way, and gift them that!

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