it's time you thrive,
not just survive!



You have binged all the podcasts, read all the Enneagram books, taken 100 quizzes, shared a billion memes, yet here you sit:

  • still unclear about who you are
  • not sure what your strengths are or how to channel them
  • falling into the same frustrating patterns you have for years
  • losing yourself in the roles you play: “parent, partner, employee”

Or maybe you’re in a relationship that you use to love but things have fallen apart, and you lie in bed at night confused, frustrated, defeated, and heartbroken. You’ve read all about their Enneagram type, but y’all just cannot seem to get on the same page. You need help before the relationship dies altogether. (BEEN THERE!) There’s hope, I’m telling you!

Here’s the truth: 
The Enneagram brings insight, but the transformation comes from ACTION.
It comes from working with someone who gets you, doesn’t judge you, will hold space for you, challenge you, and not just help you see your greatest self, but become her! It’s time you experience freedom from the cycles of perfectionism, people-pleasing, anxiety, self-doubt, toxic relationships, and losing yourself along the way. It’s time you learn to love yourself and build relationships that are truly fulfilling – bursting with love, respect, appreciation, and hope for the future!


Discover Typing Sessions

Whether you’re brand new to the Enneagram or been ’round the block, it all starts will identifying your dominant type. We save clients months of time & energy second-guessing and questioning their type, so they feel confident and clear and are able to move on to the real gold: the transformation and growth they long for! 

Includes: thorough assessment + 45-minute indiviualized Typing Session with one of our Coaches via Zoom. For couples: 2 assessments + 90 minute dual Typing Session.

Understand Series (5-session Package, MOST POPULAR)

This 5-session Series is a wildly comprehensive dive into your Enneagram type, why you do what you do, where you get stuck, and how to build a happier, healthier, more full & free life! You’ll find insanely accurate language to understand yourself + your coach will champion and challenge you towards healing, becoming the best version of you, learning to lean into your strengths, nurture your weaknesses, & love yourself along the way! Topics: Core Motivations, Arrows of Stress/Security, Wings, Instinctual Subtypes, Stances, Common Relationship Problems, Parenting Style, Conflict Style, + lots more!

Includes: 5 one-hour sessions via Zoom, 5 extensive PDFs with deep info on your Enneagram type, weekly journal process questions for more growth, email access to your Coach, a non-judgmental friend who gets you, sees the best in you, & will help you get there. For couples: Same as above, but with 5 two-hour sessions.

Transform Sessions (one-by-one or ongoing)

Have something specific you wanna tackle: a specific relationship that’s driving you nuts, your stagnant professional life, or a personal cycle in your own life? If that’s you + you know your dominant Enneagram type, this session is perfect for you! We’ll help you shift from frustrated, discouraged, and defeated to encouraged, informed, and equipped. We’ll work together in the areas where you want to grow most, using targeted activities, challenges and growth steps! Transform sessions are all about identifying patterns that AREN’T working and implementing new ones that WILL! 

Includes: a pre-session questionnaire to help us understand what you’re seeking, a 60-minute session + any additional resources tailored specifically to your needs. These are usually scheduled one at a time or used as additional support after completing the Understand Series. 

Not sure which is a best for you?

Totally cool! We know that's a lot of words up there.

Our team of coaches is happy to help you figure out if Enneagram coaching is a good fit for you, and if so, which option is best. If it's not a fit, we'll tell you honestly. Consults are 20-minutes, free, and also, 100% non-committal. We won't chase you down like your childhood crush did asking for 3,000 dates. We chat. You decide. That's how it works!

Clients are sayin'

"When I first discovered my number, I was angry, thinking that being my type was the worst type. Kristi truly showed me the way it made me unique and that when I'm operating in health, it can be so beautiful. She has a deep way of connecting and walking the journey with me."
Brittany, Type 3
Discover Typing Session with Coach Kristi
"If you are on the fence about coaching... go for it! It has been so incredibly worth it! The time to go over details and verbally process thoughts & feelings with someone who intimately knows the Enneagram was invaluable! There are no words that can truly express my gratitude and love for my time with Gabrielle!"
Brickell, Type 9
Understand Series with Coach Gabrielle
"I love the Enneagram, but the downfall is that there isn’t a reliable test to identify your number. For months, I took multiple tests and read into various numbers. It wasn’t until I signed up for the typing session with Kristi that I was able to identify my enneagram type. Kristi was very knowledgeable, and worked with me to identify my type in just 45 minutes."
Leah, Type 6
Discover Typing Session with Coach Kristi


Is your group surviving or thriving?

You & your company deserve more than a team that is “hanging in there.”

Listen, I get it. Prior to my Enneagram work, I ran an admissions office and spent many hours marketing, focusing on sales & conversions, serving in leadership development and overall program development of our non-profit company. I wore a million hats. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you do too. And if so, let me tell you: I get it. I know you’re exhausted. You spend too much time overmanaging employess who underdeliver, you spilt your day at part-time executive & leader, part-time grunt-work doer, and there’s an ongoing stench of “We’re all underappreciated” in the air. You are dying for better effeciency, stronger outcomes, and a happier, more reliable team. What you want is your team to thrive, not survive. THIS IS YOUR PATH.

Top leadership experts like Brené Brown, Ed Catmull, and Andy Stanley are validating the importance of emotional intelligence in business & leadership. Brene says, “If you don’t understand vulnerability, you cannot manage and lead people. ” 

Improve the culture and success of your company by investing in your leaders who invest in your employees who invest in your customers!


Our 3 most popular options for your team. Have your own creative idea? Each team is unique, and we love tailoring unique experiences that align with your goals! Let's chat!


Generally a 2-4 hour interactive and engaging presentation: Introduction to the Enneagram, identifying member’s types, and how this information can utterly transform the work you do. 

Perfect for corporations & teams looking for a fun way to identify team member’s strengths, unique gifts, and the areas in which they may need support. Ideal for leadership team day-aways, retreats, staff trainings, team building events, etc.


Multi-level workshops varying in depth and specificity based on your goals! 

Perfect for teams wanting the Introduction Presentation paired with individual typing sessions, team-building activities, assessing leadership/managerial/work styles based on your types, consulting on getting people in the right seats, doing the right jobs, etc.



This is for companies & leaders who are ready to SERIOUSLY UPLEVEL the cultural landscape of their professional team! We’ll keep it fun, but we’ll also get down to business identifying and tackling the biggest issues you have as a business, how to address them, and work through an implementation plan to bring about the results you are desperately seeking. 

This is perfect for companies whose team culture and communication suck, whose leadership gets complaints about team satisfaction, and whose employees aren’t performing or living up to the potential you know they have!

Team leaders are sayin'

"I consider Kristi an expert in the Enneagram. She helped our team communicate more effectively, understand each other, and even enhance the richness of teamwork and relationships we experience as a whole."
Mike, VP & Executive Director
Non-profit Residential Treatment Center
"Using the Enneagram, Kristi provides insight into others and how they see and interact with the world. As a marketing professional, understanding people, influencing them, and moving them forward towards a cause, to purchase a product or to engage with your brand in any way is key. This is priceless to anyone in the business world."
Denae, Marketing Director
Family Services Agency

Corporate partnerships start at $250/hr.