I'M KRISTI, & I'm so happy you're here! I've been waiting to meet you! Why? (Not creepy, I promise!) It's because I think you're absolute magic!

I'm passionate about every human on the planet (hey, that's you!) stepping into the fullness of who you were created to be and feeling the absolute freedom to express yourself, to be loved, to find big joy & create the impact you dream of! Unfortunately, we can't ever get there if we have zero flippin' idea who we are or if we're buried under our own trauma & pain, so that's why I created Full & Free Enneagram Co! We exist to help you deal with your shit, rise into your fullness, & find freedom! LET'S GOOO!

So, who am I?
Think of me like your fav trail mix.
A mix of...

I have a feeling...

that we're going to be good friends. Wanna know how I know?

Because I get the sense that you are on the path of discovering who you really are under all the "shoulds", all the job performance, all the expectations & people-pleasing. You are committed to figuring out who the real you is, how to love that person, and how to move from surviving to thriving, especially in relationships...
Did I nail it?

If so, then I get it because I've been there! Seven years ago, I was crawling my way out of the hardest time of my life, & if I can do it, SO CAN YOU! We'll do it together!

from therapist to coach!

You might know by now - I'm a Mental Health Therapist turned Enneagram Coach. In 2018, my very cool and brave hubsand Nick, (an Enneagram 9 and avid Manchester City F.C. fan) started dreaming big dreams, and we found ourselves packing our bags in Indiana to come on home to sunny, Florida, and start our entrepreneurial lives! It's been a wild ride and the most fun!

You can usually find me making you some goodies for social media, building badass courses for you to learn through, coaching clients, or hanging out in the FAM, our exclusive membership community at Full & Free Co!

right now,
I'm probably:

doing something near the water, Marco-Poloing or Voxering my people, advocating for the causes I believe in, getting my yoga on, wearing bright, bold, fun earrings, reading Liz Gilbert, binging Schitt's Creek or Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, eating dairy-free ice cream because #allergyprobs, or maybe getting down with a new mojito recipe!

Last thing to know: EVERYONE is celebrated here in the Full & Free Co space. You are safe, loved, cherished, and make us all better. Thank you for being here.

how the enneagram changed my life:

Two years into therapy, my therapist and I were talking about wrapping up and ending our work together. "But um... I'm still anxious though, so... how about no?" There were patterns in my life that I didn't understand and didn't like. Why was I continuing to treat myself like shit, get in the same arguments over and over again with the people I cared about most, all while still endlessly self-doubting, never trusting others, and having unbearable anxiety?

My insightful therapist introduced me to the Enneagram, a personality tool that categorizes people into one of nine different personality types. I've done a million personality tests in my life, but this one is different, she said. The Enneagram is about WHY we do what we do, rather than just our behavior.

So I listened into a podcast, and while I nodded along through many of the types and thought, "That kinda sounds like me" and "Yeah, I can relate to that," I knew thirty seconds in to the hosts talking about the Type 6. That was me. They were describing the inner workings of my brain and heart in ways I didn't even realize were true. I suppose I thought everyone was like that.

So naturally, I sobbed my face off. I felt so known, so understood. Then it was one of those... Oh no... Am I doomed to this forever? The bad parts of this type are the worsttt! (Super common feeling when you first find your type!)

And then began my work of deeper self-understanding, learning self-compassion for the first time in my entire life, and slowly implementing the wisdom to change every relationship I had. I assure you I've never been the same. In fact, part of our decision to move back to Florida was because I realized I had been living out of my "stress number" for basically my entire life. We quit our jobs, moved 1,000 miles away, and I took a 6 month break from everything to heal & grow.

My work with the Enneagram transformed me, my marriage, my friendships, and my life. Finding your type likely won't lead you to totally uproot your whole life like I did. (Wouldn't that be nuts if it did though?) But I can promise you there's gold on the other side of leaning into the work, y'all. I now live so fully me & in so much freedom, and you deserve this too.

want to begin your own journey?





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